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domingo, 13 de setembro de 2015

Dreamer - Written and Composed by Roger Hodgson, formerly of Supertramp

Publicado em 31 de jan de 2015
When Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp, plays his song "Dreamer," in concert, the audience spontaneously gets on their feet and starts dancing in the aisles. What a fun song this is and what a classic. To see Roger on stage performing, you know not only is the audience having a fantastic time, but he is as well.

Roger wrote and composed Dreamer shortly after he graduated from school and it was Supertramp's first big hit. He also gave us Take the Long Way Home, Breakfast in America, The Logical Song, Give a Little Bit, Fool's Overture, School, Hide in Your Shell, It's Raining Again, and many more. Although Roger & Supertramp's other co-founder shared writing credit, they actually wrote and composed separately with each singing their own songs.

"Dreamer was one of my first keyboard songs that I wrote. I was 19 and a young man with many dreams. Five years later when we went to record it, we tried to come up with a more magical version in the studio but we were not bettering my demo. So, actually what we did was put it on two tracks of the multi track – obviously my demo was very, very poor quality and then we played along with this demo and duplicated everything that I had done on this demo by myself. So that’s why I think Dreamer had that uniqueness – there’s no click track, no metronome, it’s just very raw and all the sounds on it are very closely duplicated to the original demo. I love playing this song in concert because it just brings out the dreamer in everyone. So often we let go of that side of ourselves and it kind of reminds the audience and reminds me when I'm singing it, too, to keep that place in us alive."~Roger Hodgson

See Roger live in concert on his 2015 Breakfast in America World Tour. Every concert is a powerful emotional journey - his passion for his music and his art shines through in the magic and intimacy felt by the audience. Come to a show and experience the magic! or

Dreamer can be found on Roger's DVD & Classics Live album. Signed albums, DVD & more iTunes

Breakfast in America 2015 World Tour
Nov 17 Tarrytown, NY
Nov 18 Verona, NY
Nov 20 Rama, ON Canada
Nov 21 Rama, ON Canada
Nov 24 Winnipeg, MB Canada
Nov 26 Calgary, AB Canada
Nov 27 + 28 Vancouver, BC Canada SOLD OUT
Dec 1 Regina, SK Canada SOLD OUT
Dec 3 Montreal, QC Canada
Dec 4 Montreal, QC Canada
Dec 8 Ottawa, ON Canada SOLD OUT
Dec 9 Quebec, QC Canada
Dec 11 Moncton, NB Canada
Dec 12 Halifax, NS Canada SOLD OUT
Dec 13 Halifax, NS Canada
Apr 18 Amsterdam, Netherlands SOLD OUT
Apr 19 Rotterdam, Netherlands
Apr 21 Antwerp, Belgium
Apr 25 Geneva, Switzerland
Apr 29 London, UK
Apr 30 + May 1 Paris, France

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Roger's Band: Aaron Macdonald (Saxophones, Harmonica, Keyboards, Backing vocals) Bryan Head (Drums) Kevin Adamson (Keyboards, Backing vocals) David J Carpenter (Bass, Backing vocals)
Video edited by Wim Daans - Performance from July 2013 in Munich, Germany at Tollwood


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