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quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2015

CASA ECOLÓGICA - Conheça as diferenças e importantes procedimentos para o tratamento ecológico do esgoto.


Innovation, technology, investment projects and monitoring, consulting, construction management.
Our technical office with over 35 years of experience in engineering tract, conducts research and innovations, aimed at problem solving and situations encountered in everyday life of the population, and we also work in your project, work or business, with innovative solutions and challenging, always in pursuit of quality of our services and the total satisfaction of our customers.
On the site | we have a small sample of our work and the versatility of our performances, research projects and planning. In the area of ​​urban planning, we have developed research in urban public transport area in general, modal bus and road safety, with the traffic of Brazilian cities.
In studies and longer-range projects, we perform complete projects and feasibility studies as well as those provided by federal, state and local legislation. EIA, EIV, RIMA, and all the environmental impacts that may cause imbalances in the processes and projects are studied and solutions offered the most diverse possible, by submitting mitigation measures.
ENGEFROM ENGINEERING, represented by Engineer José Antonio Gonçalves, contact we have e-mail: | | We operate in works of urban infrastructure, rural infrastructure, sanitation, transport , traffic, street lights, water supply networks, rainwater collection networks, sewage collection networks, as well as its treatment plants – ETA – ETE – IT and its pumping stations, with several projects undertaken in the country.
Our phone +55 16 3024-8427 | TIM +55 16 98128-6332, contact, in addition to our emails.
ENGEFROM ENGINEERING, committed to quality and customer satisfaction as well as addressing and solving project for your company, your property, your industry.
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